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We provide a full and comprehensive management of information, materials and service flow for both international and domestic operations.

We provide experienced and professional personnel to plan and execute supply chain strategies to ensure safe, timely delivery of products, logistics and services to locations and clients around the world. Our experienced supply chain managers, dedicated single point contact, warehouse personnel, multi-modal export/import staff and customs experts, ensure smooth, seamless flow of transactions from point of origin to point of destination.

Our company remains unique in its policy of ensuring all staff are given the correct training, autonomy and authority that will ensure that they can properly manage any particular supply chain process. We are one of the few in the area that can provide customers with a truly hassle free supply chain management. To reduce any service delays and ensure that our operations team is more productive, each member of staff is fully trained and has the necessary skills to carry out any aspect of a supply chain management – be it design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective to create a value for our customers. Our aim through this policy is to create and sustain high levels of service, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Worldwide Energy Supply Chain Management have over fifty years of supply chain, logistics and project management, providing technical expertise, knowledge, experience and familiarisation with energy, oil & gas, telecommunications and related work. These are powerful tools that add value to our customers’ products as their flow is fully managed from point of origin to point of destination to arrive timely and on budget. Naturally this gives our clients an edge over their competitors and so produces a win-win situation.

Each customer's unique individual requirements are the starting point and basis of our entire commercial culture. We draw on our extensive experience in servicing the energy, oil & gas, and telecommunications industry, to review and understand and build competitive international and local infrastructure where the information, goods and services are to be delivered as well as ascertaining a precise understanding of each customer’s needs. Only when these are fully understood do we recommend supply chain solutions specifically designed to meet customer requirements. Our total commitment to uncompromising customer care has been generously recognised in our business community.

Our primary objectives are to reduce total costs, simplify complex processes, give back the vital commodity of time, whilst providing clear visibility and control of the entire supply chain process. These fundamental principles apply to whatever link in the chain we intend to deliver, from single link solution through to our complex supply chain management product.

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